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Inspirational Readings

Yoga teaches us to be mindful, it's not just a physical practise but it's also a spiritual journey for us to listen to our bodies and be mindful with us first, before anyone else. Here's a compilation of readings from our weeklong wellness retreat after each yoga practise.

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Best Granola Recipe for Fall

Freshly made granola is simple yet fulfilling as you get to add your favorite nuts and guarantee a healthy snack, all it takes is is 30 mins and you’re all set. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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Fall in Puglia

Yogis came from around the world with one intention in mind, to look after themselves, to heal, to learn, to reconnect with nature and to find their roots. That one thing in common, created such a great bond within the group. Read a day by day journal from one yogi observer from the week X

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