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Spring Retreat Recipes

We believe that nothing beats the comfort of home-cooked meals. To inspire our yogis during the retreat week, our talented resident chef and pastry chef at Masseria Potenti have generously shared some of their favorite recipes here. Carrot Cake INGREDIENTS 320 g finely grated carrots 30 g brown sugar 70 g sugar 10 g honey 100 g almond flour 50 g hazelnut flour 80 g 00 flour 12 g baking powder 20 g starch 45 g oil or butter 2 eggs 1 egg yolk Zest of two oranges Lemon peel Grated ginger PREPARATION Mix all the powders with the zest and grated carrots. Beat egg yolk with sugars. Add the oil little by little and combine everything. Bake at 165°C...

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Inspirational Readings

Yoga teaches us to be mindful, it's not just a physical practise but it's also a spiritual journey for us to listen to our bodies and be mindful with us first, before anyone else. Here's a compilation of readings from our weeklong wellness retreat after each yoga practise.

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