An Apulian Yoga Retreat in Style, Oct 2021

Our last yoga retreat in Masseria Potenti was graced with passionate and multi-talented yogis of all ages. They roused to a fast moving practice in the mornings, slowed down life and delightfully took in everything that Puglia has to offer. It gives me immense pride and joy sharing my yoga experience with 12 of these brightest of yogis and likewise my gratitude to them as well for sharing their talents. Thanks to all of you for being a special part of this retreat.

A picture speak a thousand words and here's what we got up to. Delicious mediterranean fare with a cooking class with Maria Grazia, with homemade and local ingredients from the farm, pizzas from the ancient oven, fresh seafood at the beach next to the flamingo reserve, and long lunches in the terrace enjoying each other's company. 

Waking up every morning to a soulful practice and a nutritious breakfast spread in the most magical and picturesque places is so refreshing. Yoga in different locations offer a wider perspective and vibes to the practice: in nature, in our wine cellar, and our yoga shala surrounded by baby olive trees - a real secret sanctuary.

We moved from vinyasa flows to yin and gentle strength yoga practices. We spent time lounging at the pool in the day and watched a film The Biggest Little Farm. In the afternoons, we had tea and homemade cakes. When night falls and under the glittering stars, we dine on fine meals with charming company, lively conversations and joyous laughter in beautiful surroundings. What more can you ask for! 

Finally, we had lots of fun activities to discover our creative juices, because honestly we just don't have the time and space for that in our busy lifestyles. We tasted award-winning wine from around Puglia, featuring our fav vineyards, Terre di San Vito.
The week-long wellness retreat ended in a bittersweet note with unforgettable moments and lovely mementoes: Charlene Lambert of A Week Abroad gifting each of us a small souvenir reminding us of Puglia, Eleonor Piciotto of Maison Romae's candle with 2-carat birthstones hidden at the end of the wick, and UK's top 10 classical singer Donna Marie-Povey's angel-like voice in our minds.
If you like what you see, we aim to share once again such beautiful moments in our upcoming yoga retreat when the weather gets warmer and we can enjoy practising outdoors. Bookings via
See you in Puglia soon, namaste X