Meet Angelo Inglese

Our Artisan

In this feature, we celebrate the work of Angelo Inglese of Ginosa, a township between Matera and Taranto in Puglia. The tailor behind the refined taste of shirts so loved by Prince William and stylish elites. The House of G. Inglese was established in 1955 in his hometown by his father and his brothers. 

He is the 3rd generation of tailors that still honors the design, craftsmanship and ancient techniques passed down by his father. Taking over the atelier at the tender age of 23, he has every intention to keep the craft of tailorship and along with other traditions alive.

Working with Angelo is a true inspiration for he knows so much about the types of fabric produced here as he is so interwoven with the local community. At the touch of a fabric and the feel for a button and he would already get so excited. His atelier is a landmark and as an icon of the ancient town, he is filled with passion and love for the land. A visit to him is always accompanied with a tuk-tuk ride around Ginosa and the historic caves even though it may not be as popular as the other coastal towns in Puglia. Many influential clients make it a must stop-over to commission some custom-made fine, elegant shirts.